Citywide Young Professionals Summit 2016


MiABQ loved the level of engagement at the citywide mixer we co-hosted in April 2015. Hotel Andaluz was packed with 600+ young professionals, and the energy was palpable. Yet we felt – and heard from many of the groups that partnered with us to present the event – like it left us wondering "what now?" and "how do we channel this fantastic energy to build lasting impact?"

So, we are hosting the second MiABQ Citywide Young Professionals Summit. Our intention is to build upon the structure of the first summit, which brought us together initially almost two years ago and pointed towards the project and research-driven work model we've adopted since.

However, we want to create an opportunity for broader participation from young professionals around the city, for expanded dialogue with CABQ officials, and for exchange with people who are working on these issues outside of our community.


The MiABQ Citywide Young Professionals Summit is, as the name suggests, designed by and for Albuquerque’s young professional cohort (which we’re identifying as individuals 45 years or younger). We aim for diverse, cross-sector participation from around the city in all of our program components.

We engaged 28 extraordinary speakers who will serve as stewards of their fields and offer landscape views of the challenges / opportunities within them. 

Taylor Jo Isenberg, Vice President of Networks at Roosevelt Institute, is our collaborating consultant on the development of both our summit program and our resulting set of recommendations.

And 25 local professional organizations and associations have signed on to send young professional delegates to the summit and to co-present the evening social mixer with us.

Thank you to our sponsors, who have made this entire program possible.