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ABQ Mayoral Forum

***MIABQ is committed to access. Registration contributions support the hard costs of translating and streaming the forum.
Please email us if it's a stretch.


for Young People, Professionals & Families on
Wednesday, August 30, 2017, 5-8pm
The Cell Theatre
/// 708 1st Street NW 87102
in partnership with YPA: Young Professionals of Albuquerque.

The forum is designed to foster informative, productive, peaceful dialogue; towards this end, we will ask candidates to focus on their own platforms, priorities and action plans – and to refrain entirely from discussing the other candidates in the race – throughout the conversation. We will invite each candidate to begin with a short presentation of their vision for Albuquerque; our central prompt for this is: What will the city look like for young people, young professionals and young families after 4 years of your administration – and how will you get us there? Subsequent questions will be crowd-sourced in advance of the forum, and presented at the event by our moderators, Rudy Acosta (Univision) and Erica Zucco (KOB).

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MiABQ is dedicated to supporting civic engagement and participation among young people, young professionals and young families in our community. Established in March 2014, we are an independent, nonpartisan organization coordinated by volunteers from an array of sectors, perspectives and backgrounds. We are a 501(c)3 under SINC’s nonprofit incubator program. 

Last spring, we hosted the first MiABQ Citywide Young Professionals Summit. At this sold-out event, more than 170 young people (18-45) came together to learn from 28 peer-expert speakers, to consider the vast opportunities and challenges in our municipal ecosystem, and to explore how we can best address them as vested stakeholders and community stewards.

It was incredibly energizing, meaningful and impactful, and we left with a clearer understanding of just how dedicated our cohort is to contributing to the continued healing, vitality and growth of our city. Furthermore, and contrary to many prevailing myths about our generation, our cohort demonstrated just how much we want to be part of the conversations and the processes that affect our political, educational and socioeconomic landscapes.

We are committed to creating the greatest possible access for the community at-large. The venue can accommodate 200 attendees. The forum will be live streamed and archived online, by ProViewNetworks. We are engaging both Spanish and American Sign Language Translators. The forum will be followed by brief reception to cultivate continued conversation and connection for attendees, candidates and campaign staff. You must purchase a ticket in order to attend.

It is our hope that the forum both increases understanding of our mayoral candidates and contributes to high(er) voter turnout among young citizens this October.