Open the doors of communication between our elected and appointed officials and our community's young professionals. All of our work is rooted in contributing to an Albuquerque -- and specifically, a Downtown -- that engages, attracts and retains young people. To date, we've developed three sets of policy recommendations, which we shared with our municipal leadership; many of our recommendations are being implemented. And in April of 2015, we hosted a young-professionals mixer at Hotel Andaluz that brought in over 700 young professionals to downtown.

Meet in small working groups to accomplish projects. The SPI Team (formerly permitting & regulations committee) explores the City of Albuquerque’s regulatory, policy and incentive structures through balanced, supportive, community-driven approaches in order to make informed, concrete recommendations for how to improve them. We aim to increase cultural stewardship, support economic development and facilitate the public private partnerships that are so crucial to urban vitality. The Green Team is an ad hoc committee interested in exploring and championing options to enhance downtown Albuquerque’s green space, increase the City’s commitment to sustainability, and support greening and pedestrian-friendly initiatives in the core of the city.

Meet with the City of Albuquerque and show support for what we love. We firmly believe that if you want to see change, you have to show up. We advocate and actively support meaningful initiatives through original research, policy recommendations, letters of support, dialogue with our city leadership, and more. We also walk the walk, and help coordinate volunteer opportunities like Bosque clean-up events, planting of downtown's Civic Plaza, and more. (And we volunteer for them, too!)

Do fun things like Flash Mob Lunches and host Lunch-and-Learns. An easy and fun way to support downtown businesses is to show up and spend money! We also encourage participation and feedback between millennials and the City by hosting luncheon or happy hour events where people can learn about upcoming projects and initiatives while enjoying a brew or lunch, courtesy of a local business sponsorship.